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  • Guarantor Loans

    In present times with most finance decided by a computer's algorithim it can be difficult to be approved for a loan. Maybe you haven't had the chance to build a credit history or you may have a poor credit history, due to falling behind with previous credit agreements. Thankfully you may still be able to obtain a loan by using a guarantor. A guarantor loan will allow you to obtain finance that you would otherwise have had little chance in getting and the good news is the process is fast and simple, in fact you could have your money in as little 24 hours, subject to approval.
    Even if you have a CCJ or defualt it's still possible to be approved because the person who agrees to be your guarantee agrees to repay the loan should you fail to meet the repayments. So regardless of your credit profile you can still get a loan between £500 to £25,000. This is a great option for people that can afford to repay a loan but can not get past the checks.

    You may be wondering why guarantor loans are a better option for some people, there are a two main reasons for this. Firstly if you are someone who has never obtained any type of finance you will find your credit history may be non existent. This can prove a problem when trying to get a loan or any other type of finance as the lender can't tell if you have successfully kept up repayments on agreements.

    The second main reason is due to your credit history being too poor to obtain any type of credit including a bad credit loan this could be the result of previous defaulted credit agreements, multiple CCJ's or bankruptcy. Normally with a poor credit history you can still obtain a loan albeit the APR will be high but if your address history is patchy or you're not on the electoral role it will be unlikely you will be accepted. This is where guarantor loans are an ideal solution. As long as you can find a friend or relative willing to vouch for you.  

    More on guarantor loans

    When applying for a guarantor loan your guarantor can be anyone that has a good credit history that is willing to stand guarantor, which basically means if you don't pay the loan back they will have to. Your guarantor can be a family member or friend and they can even live in the same house. However some lenders may have an issue if you and your guarantor share some financial obligations or have a joint bank account.

    When a friend or relative agrees to a be your guarantor they should be aware that if you fail to make any payments on the loan it will be their responsibility to pay. Most companies that provide guarantor loans will always try to work something out first before approaching the guarantor and asking for payment. More info can be found at the Money Advise Service

    Sometimes your guarantor will be asked to enter into a secured loan agreement which means theirproperty will be at risk if you both fail to make the repayments, due to this you should take care in planning your finances carefully to be completely sure you are able to comfortably repay the loan. 

    If you do find yourself unable to meet the repayments speak to the loan company and your the person that has signed for the loan as they will eventually be approached by the lender to ask for payment.


  • Applying for a guarantor loan

    The process when applying for a guarantor loan is quick and simple. All you require is the authorisation of a friend or family member and that they understand that they will be legally obliged to repay the loan should you fail to pay back the loan.
    Once you have your guarantor simply complete the short form which should take no more than 2 minutes, this will then be sent in real time to our leading UK guarantor lenders so they can start work on your application straight away.
    They will need to make sure that you can financially afford to repay the loan as well as run checks on the person you have arranged to be your guarantor for the loan. Once the checks have been completed including any document checks your loan agreement will need to be signed by you and your guarantor. All being well you could have your money within 24 hours.

    Guarantor loans are also a great way to avoid embarrising situations that can arise by asking family and friends to borrow money and as a bonus it can help to rebuild your credit which means you may be able to get approved for a loan on your own the next time you need a loan.  


    Should I find a guarantor before I apply

    It will be helpful to start considering who to ask and maybe even have some inital discussions with whoever you're thinking of but you don't need to have all the details of the guarantor before you apply. The initial form only takes a couple of minutes and just gets the ball rolling.