• How can I tell if my credit is good?

      The best way to tell for sure is obtain a copy of your credit file from either of the main credit reference agencies. Largely speaking if you have kept up to date with your financial obligations and paid on time and have active credit agreements your credit should be good. On the flip side if you have missed repayments and or defaulted on agreements your credit history won't be so good.

    • How long will my loan take to come through?

      The process is pretty quick. Once your application has been processed and everything has been confirmed the money can be in your bank within 24 hours. The only delay can occur when the lender has to wait for you to send in your documents.

    • Will completing your form harm my credit file?

      No not at all, we do not carry out carry credit checks. Once you have completed our form your information is passed in real-time to the best lender who will then carry out checks.

    • Do you charge any fees for you service?

      Absolutely not, our service to you is free. We make our commission from the lender which doesn't effect you at all. We will never charge any fees for our personal loans services or ask for bank details.

    • What happens if I can't pay back my loan?

      If you run into difficulty with your loan contact your lender straight away. In most cases they will work with you to reach a solution. If you default on any agreement it may make it difficult to obtain in the future.

    • Are you a lender?

      No, we are an authorised broker, however we do work with the leading UK lenders to help find you the best loan and mortgage products.